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NYT Sweats SF 4 Eva

Seems like every day, those creeps at The New York Times come up with yet another device to demonstrate just how much they sweat San Francisco, particularly things associated with Gravel & Gold. First off, there was that blasphemous “Sisters in Idiosyncrasy” situation that came out back when we were finishing up construction on the shop. You know, the achingly gentrifrilicious one that compared Brooklyn to SF, citing an organization where I once worked, a surf shop built by Keith Aderholdt, who also helped us build G&G, and the terrifying relegation of both our populations to the “creative class”—all of us moping around, “Many are isolated, many are alone.” Yes, yes I see.

Then, of course, the “Hipster Hunting Ground” roundup of Mission shops and eats, heinous not only in name but also because it didn’t include us.

And now, taking a cue from our blog post about the Victory Garden Project downtown, they’ve gone and claimed the story as their own. “Slow Food Savors Its Big Moment” and the NYT still really, really wants to relocate.

Sheesh! If they’re not endorsing Hillary in the primaries, they’re churning out this tired, slobbering tripe. Isn’t The Grey Lady supposed to be the ne plus ultra in news? But if you can’t get the candidates straight, and you can’t figure out what the hipsters are inventing for themselves in your own freakin’ city, then what can you be trusted with? Certainly not writing up a glorious, full-page spread on Gravel & Gold….


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Granny Socks Just For You

When we were first preparing to open the shop, the Ladies and I compiled a big list of items that we had always imagined carrying in some shop we owned, sometime down the line, somewhere in the world. And, lo and behold,  many items from that first brainstorm did indeed make their way to our shelves—Mimi bags from London, 5-Year Diaries like the one Lisa has been keeping for a while now, Medimix soap just like they have in all the hostels in India.

One fantastic item idea on that list that remains totally shop-worthy, but is unlikely to ever make the cut, is to carry hand-knit socks made to order by the Swiss granny of your choice. That’s right. You go on to NetGranny, select a granny from their stable of fierce granny knitters, select a color and size, and a few weeks later, your very own pair of custom sockies arrive in the mail. Brill!

For those of us bereft of grandmas, or those whose grandma was always way more into needlepoint than knitting, it’s a dream come true. Plus, you’re supporting a group of women who might otherwise have a tough time picking up some extra work and who, by the look of their photos, seem real stoked to spread the warm, wooly love far and wide. Good news for these chilly July nights in SF.

***Update***It seems the grannies are taking their well-deserved summer break, in a land where summer does mean fewer opportunities for wooly socks. Well then. Look for them this fall!

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Tom Waits Still Owes Us

Hi Tom!

So we’ve been hearing around the block that your Glitter and Doom shows are your best ever. That must be nice for you. Of course we Ladies are still waiting for those VIP tickets you promised us in exchange for stealing our name. Just wanted you to know that if it’s too late to get on the list for Prague, we’ll take backstage passes to your final shows in Dublin. That plus airfare should square the deal.

Hope all is well with you.


Your obsessive fans Nile, Cass and Lisa


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Mamma Mia! was so awesome, y’all.

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4, 3, 2, 1 Sesame Street!

Elmo say Feist on Sesame Street wearing a beautiful embroidered blouse!

This must have been her true intention with this song all along—to land this sweet gig on the Street of streets. Well worth those iPod commercials everywhere, if you ask me.

Thanks again to SuperForest, who in turn would like to thank SwissMiss.

And I’m willing to make known that I’ve got another guilty pleasure totally mainstream video of hers stowed away, though you can’t watch it here. You’ll have to watch it here. In my defense, she’s wearing a stripey shirt and dancing along with a big stick to a thoroughly choreographed fireworks-in-barrels show. Just go with it.

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Ed Party

Many thanks to Ed Masuga for playing last night and sounding so super good. Also, for bringing along two excellent musician friends, Pines and Little Boy Blue. We now have Ed’s two CDs and one from Little Boy Blue available at the shop. Come by any time and we’ll flip one on the stereo and remember the good old times.

Here’s Little Boy Blue braving the icy July night.
This kind of musical magic is real difficult to capture in one tiny photo.
We moved Ed’s show inside, where it was warm and friendly-like.
One panther-sleek Nile and avid vintage Marimekko collector, Arwen O’Reilly.

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Ultra Island Hang

Lady Andrea Dunlap came by the shop last night and let me know that she has Fickrized a bunch of lovely pictures from our group Angel Island concert/camping sha-bang last weekend. And if these puppies don’t make you want to move to the Bay Area, meet some nice folks, fabricate a bicycle-powered PA system, and recreate to your hearts desire on a piratey little island reachable by ferryboat, then I don’t know what will. Thanks Andrea!

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