Offering: Sock Puppet Carnage, Dance Moves

I’ve already received a lot of encouraging feedback in regard to my Stevie posting yesterday (note our first official comment!), so I thought I’d just go ahead and let a couple more of my music video cats out of the bag.

So this. Is. The. Macromantics. Apple Crumble. Video. In my former days working at various, ahem, undisclosed big-league publications, I managed to sneak this video onto all of their various blogs. And now I have come to claim my own opportunity to share it as I see very, very fit. Some things to watch for: the Corey Haim shout out, dance moves, sock puppet widowhood, the thing she’s doing with her mouth when wiping up sock puppet blood with a squeegee, also when clutching the huge battle-ax, gold SF bling, spiral severed head shot, sock puppet celebration dance, ghost celebration dance, final outfit-check bow….I could go on.

Oh, and don’t stop there. Lowrider metallic teal leggings: Is she cool. Yes she’s cool. Fuck she’s cool.


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One response to “Offering: Sock Puppet Carnage, Dance Moves

  1. Your blog is excellent and the quality of your postings is unmatched.

    Thank you for turning us on to the glory of the Macromantics!

    We here at SuperForest are forever in your debt.

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