Snockumentous Basty-Bash!

Thanks so much to everyone who turned out last night for the superb Bastille Day Bash, which was recently voted our “Best Party Yet” by a familiar group of constituents in an official poll conducted by entirely partisan partial-to-shiny-things pollsters. Our semi-surprise guest of honor Michael Hurley strummed and crooned it up to an audience of politely hushed revelers as new awesome lady-friend after new awesome lady-friend ravaged our supply of vintage summer dresses “backstage” in the shop. Believe it our not, we even managed to make it all the way through the world’s single most insane patty of brie cheese, all kind of in the name of the good French.

If you didn’t make it to the party/show last night, be sure to get yourself over to Triple Base Gallery tonight, where Michael will be playing with Avocet. Triple Base is located over on 24th and Treat and is run by two more awesome ladies, Joyce and Dina. And the show starts round 8. See you there!

Pictured here, The Lovely Lisa, Snock in his choice of stripey shirt—the rare, cutting edge metallic V-neck stripey, and The Marvelous Meara.


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