NYT Sweats SF 4 Eva

Seems like every day, those creeps at The New York Times come up with yet another device to demonstrate just how much they sweat San Francisco, particularly things associated with Gravel & Gold. First off, there was that blasphemous “Sisters in Idiosyncrasy” situation that came out back when we were finishing up construction on the shop. You know, the achingly gentrifrilicious one that compared Brooklyn to SF, citing an organization where I once worked, a surf shop built by Keith Aderholdt, who also helped us build G&G, and the terrifying relegation of both our populations to the “creative class”—all of us moping around, “Many are isolated, many are alone.” Yes, yes I see.

Then, of course, the “Hipster Hunting Ground” roundup of Mission shops and eats, heinous not only in name but also because it didn’t include us.

And now, taking a cue from our blog post about the Victory Garden Project downtown, they’ve gone and claimed the story as their own. “Slow Food Savors Its Big Moment” and the NYT still really, really wants to relocate.

Sheesh! If they’re not endorsing Hillary in the primaries, they’re churning out this tired, slobbering tripe. Isn’t The Grey Lady supposed to be the ne plus ultra in news? But if you can’t get the candidates straight, and you can’t figure out what the hipsters are inventing for themselves in your own freakin’ city, then what can you be trusted with? Certainly not writing up a glorious, full-page spread on Gravel & Gold….


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