World Hoop Day

HoopGirl Allstars, yes ma'am

HoopGirl Allstars, yes ma'am

The countdown is over, World Hoop Day has arrived! There is sure to be an event near your hometown. If you live here in the Bay Area, I highly suggest you make your way out to the Great Lawn on Treasure Island to join the hordes hooping to their hearts delight. There, you’ll happen upon incredible performances, including one from the incomparable HoopGirl Allstars in Peter Pan costumes, as well as lessons, giveaways, and music. Plus, this is your big chance to hoop for the greater good—organizers of the event are dedicating all donations toward their effort to provide hula hoops for underprivileged kids in Haiti, Sri Lanka, and other hoop-impoverished communities. Hoop-Hoop-Hooray!


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