Event: Clothing Swap-Ping!-A-Ding-Dong

We’re back, y’all! And totally ready to swap tales of adventure as well as items of clothing at the very, very exciting Gravel & Gold, Nile’s back to school Swap Meet! coming up this Thursday, September 18th, beginning around 7 o’clock.

So fellas, ladies, infants, and assorted growing sort, I encourage you all to dig deep into your closets, think back on all the good and naughty times you had in that pair of purple plaid bell bottoms, and then to go ahead and put them in a tote bag ready for the party and Let. Them. Go. Just let ’em go. It’ll be great. And you know there’ll be a party-goer there ready and willing to love up a whole new life for them. Not to mention the lovely new-to-you delights that’ll you’ll be taking home that the end of the night. See you then!

Spot of tea anyone? Nile took this shot at the Portobello Road market. 

On our way to the flea market in London. These are the faces of three very determined lady-folk.


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