Home Sweet Home…

Yes. Hello. The Ladies of Gravel & Gold are finally home from our glamorous European Vacation. An apology is due to all the fine folks who may have stopped by the shop when we were away. Though we had lofty plans to post a great sign in the window and a put a blog post online letting everyone know we would be gone, we just never did. So, we’re sorry. And if you had wondered, now you know where we were.

More importantly, we are home and damn happy about it.

I’m sure we are all in agreement when I say that San Francisco is the shit. The Ladies visited three cities, London, Berlin and Paris. Although the three of us have an uncanny capacity to have fun no matter where or when or with whom we are, there is just no place as awesome as SF.

We loved the unhinged goofiness of the Londoners and the real good-looking yet regular quality of the Berliners. By the time we got to Paris, our color and sass simply outpaced those elegant yet conservative Parisians. We did our best to represent SF. We wore lots of color and way too many style elements. Those things against a backdrop of grey traditionalism coupled with a fierce and sudden homesickness led to an exponential increase in our love of San Francisco.

Here is a short photo essay to demonstrate my super-assured snobbery about the superiority of San Francisco in the global urban community…



SF awesome rainbow situation…

Parisian man hardcore jocking SF rainbow situation…

SF hipster Anchor Love (Berlin)…

SF hipster Anchor Denial (Paris)…

In short. The Ladies of Gravel & Gold are very very very thankful to be home in our most favorite



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