Tie Dazzle in a Grendel & Co. T-shirt

We’ve been on the lookout for a tie dye master to saunter into our lives for as long as we can remember, and especially since opening the shop. Lo and behold, last weekend, Mr. Travis Meinolf and Ms. Iris Benson not just sauntered, but casually wove their way to us at the Treasure Island Music Festival.

We were all working the art tent as part of Team Triple Base, and while we invited concert goers to make their own bling out of cardboard, crayons, yarn, and a bit of gold spray paint, Travis and Iris were making sweet industrial music on their rigged-for-sound loom and then putting together a patchwork blanket of great beauty. An alliance was hatched.

Current Craft cover boy, Travis Meinolf.

Current Craft cover boy, Travis Meinolf.

Turns out that in addition to weaving up—often in Dolores Park—gorgeous wool blankets and crazy-awesome ponchos, vamping it up on the cover of our favorite magazine, and being sweet as can be, tie dye happens with these two under the moniker Grendel & Co. In the shop, behold their unique tied, dyed, and printed shirts featuring Abraham Lincoln, mystical monsters, the Golden Gate, feathers, and flamencos. Also, look out for a thrilling tie dye workshop party to come very soon.

And here’s Travis with some instructions for how to use his loom insert in the current issue of Craft.



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2 responses to “Tie Dazzle in a Grendel & Co. T-shirt

  1. Hi,
    I enjoyed your article and especially the video teaching to weave. Reminded me of my childhood when we weaved bigger pieces of fabric and actually made pillow cases for the sofa from it.
    This will be a great project for my son who is now 9 – about the same age when I did the weaving.


  2. Yayyy! So pretty!
    How fun to use your handy hands to make lovely things that make people smile.

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