New Shop Hours

Due to our recent, ahem, casual residential move to freakin’ Bolinas, the Ladies have determined to switch some things up at the shop.

We’re now going to be open three days a week, Thursday through Saturday, from noon to 6 pm. Plus! By appointment.

And now I know this means big changes for us all, but we’re real serious about the appointment option, y’all. If you’re totally desperate to come down and buy a ton of vintage and local-made goods and you just can’t wait until Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, just give us a call and we will be there to open the shop for you, no questions asked. And all answers sound like this: YES!



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3 responses to “New Shop Hours

  1. wendo

    do tell.

  2. wendo


  3. kaija-leena

    i have to say, i’m wicked bummed about the reduced store hours, even though i know that BY APPOINTMENT = WHENEVER I WANT.

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