In The Kitchen, Online, All Around Awesome

Three cheers for our dear friend Wendy Van Wagner, tasty chef extraordinaire, who has now turned her attentions to a fantastic food blog, 

Wendy is a certified nutrition educator, cook, pot luck enthusiast, and founder of In The Kitchen. On her blog, you can read about what’s in season, how to prepare it, and local food events in Wendy’s hometown, Nevada City, and throughout the Bay Area.

For anybody who has taken a cooking class from Wendy or enjoyed her delicious, wholesome food in the past, you’re in for another big treat. And for the rest of you, here’s your hearty invitation to join in the fun of mushroom hunting, apple tarts, mini-frigification, and canning classes, Oh my!

Here’s one of Ellie’s gorgeous pictures of Pete Trachy and pot luck posse in the old Van Ness days. Super Yum!


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