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Coming Up―Come Sit By Me

Your dance repertoire is about to get an infusion of Real Good Moves. Oh crazy. 50/50 backup man-Linda #2 with the stache and the extreme marching robot steez―I see you, girl.


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Your Own Slice of Leif Pie

In this final lead up to Thanksgiving, I’ve been making an apple pie a day in an effort to perfect the craft. And while the pies have been delicious, they’re woefully far off from the perfection Leif routinely achieves with the same recipe. And, since I know practice and minuscule innovations make perfect in cases like these, I would like to extend Leif’s father-recipe to the lot of you in hopes that you might chime in with your findings about proper slice girth, proportion of flour to fat, and alternative filling ideas. Of course, your own entirely different recipes are welcome as well! All in the good name of a thunder-stealing Thanksgiving contribution.


There are aspects to this recipe, if you know what I’m saying, so I’ll give it to you straight from the man himself. Take it away Leif:

Important things first! Pie crust :
3 C whole wheat pastry flour
1 t salt
1 C butter
1/2 C cold water
1 egg
1 T white vinegar

Mix together flour and salt in a large bowl. I try to put as much
whole wheat flour in my crust as possible, but it depends on your
taste and the flour itself.* Slice the butter into 1 t pieces and cut
them into the flour with a pastry blender or two butter knives. You
want to make sure the fat smears into the flour without melting until
you have little crumbly bits the size of blueberries. Blend together
the wet ingredients in a smaller bowl, and then pour into a well in
the flour/butter mixture. Combine with a fork until everything’s
clumped up together. Divide into three equal volumes and roll out ;
each dough ball makes a single 9″ pie crust. Keep extras in the fridge
up to a few days.

* The crusts I made in SF this summer were all whole wheat pastry
flour, but when i got here i got some much grainier wheat flour, so
I’ve been cutting it half-and-half with white pastry flour.

Then filling for apple pie:
6-7 C peeled, chopped apples, preferably mixed types (apples direct
from trees would be delicious !!)
3/4 C sugar, more for sour apples
lemon juice for sweet apples
1 T flour
cinnamon and nutmeg

Preheat oven to 425. Peel the apples, quarter them and remove the
seeds. For each quarter, slice the apple lengthwise at 1/4″ intervals,
and then cut the slices in half cross-ways.* Mix the dry ingredients
together in a bowl and then pour over your pile of apples, stirring
just enough to coat them. For the spices, basically you want just a
tad of nutmeg (maybe a couple taps on the side of the angled spice
jar) and enough cinnamon that you’re fairly uncomfortable with it.
Heap the mixture into a 9″ pie plate lined with a bottom crust (it
will probably make a small-ish mountain), add 3-5 t of butter on the
top of the mountain, and drape another pie crust over it all. Cut
cutesy things in the top, or use a pie bird from the world’s best
stuff store. Flute the crust edges between your thumb+index finger on
one hand and your pinky on the other. Bake at 425 for 30m, and then at
375 or so for another 20-30m, or until thick juice bubbles out from
the pie. You might need to cover the edges of the crust during backing
to prevent burning. Cool a bit before eating.

* I’m still experimenting with chopping techniques. I think long thin
lengthwise slices tend to make a pie that’s too dense, while small
chunks make a pie that’s too crumbly. Let me know what you discover

Also, Leif would like to add that he got the crust from the Raleigh News & Observer, and the apple filling is from his mom. Also, the carvings in the top crust are crucial. Now, let’s all get to baking!

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Blow Blow Blow Your Phone

I have never wanted an iPhone until now. Tonight during an incredible evening of music from Avocet, Fertile Crescent and Lucky Dragons, the endlessly clever Tim O’Reilly was kind enough to play a melody of his own for me, on his mobile. I was stoked. In the context of a night of crazy electronically generated music Tim’s wee phone making ocarina sounds as he gently blew into its top “mouthpiece” was right in tune with the vibe.

Tim's iOcarina

Tim could charm any snake.

Yep. You can do it too.

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Gratuitous Neon, Laminate Preservation, Shoe Formations

Merry hipster homesteads.
(Mind if I poke around?)
& What they have to say for themselves.






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Lady J. Morgan Puett, in the words of the immortal Andre 3000 (niiiice dome, by the way), you are the prototype.





As for Wendo Van Wagner, I thank you for sharing my stoke on all this when it first came out, and I raise you this shimmering explanation.

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Cabin Comforts

Nothing beats a cabin. Am I right? A nice little cozy cabin, everything in its cozy place. A private world of your own that at the same time encourages you to live at a reasonable scale with the world at large. Preferably one that is energy efficient and easy to maintain….

So then maybe tee-pees are more excellent. A tee-pee may be better looking, with an even smaller imprint. Or a yurt. Or a lean-to. Beach shack. Or a circus caravan propped up on a foundation like my neighbor has. Or an earthquake cabin for you city folks. We like to call ours a cabin-palace.

Camp Cairo portrait by Sara Bright.

Camp Cairo portrait by Sara Bright.

Fine we’re in Englandlet’s call them sheds, then, and write about them every single day on this on this amazing blog.


Ok we’re in Joshua Tree and we’re wearing the same extraordinary outfit we made ourselves every single day, kicking back, enjoying the art star lifestyle in what we’d like to call a wagon because we’re Andrea Zittel.

Finally, we’re in New York City, of all places, working at the Times and we call them urban oases, or pods, and frequently admire them in print. Ah, you see! We’ve done it again today (good on you, Jeff and Lois Shelden).

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Krishna heavy metal dancing porn? But better. (I prefer the high crisscrossing pink one.)

Tina‘s moves. But better?

(You might have to click here.)

Good to know. Also for standard day to day use.

And I just don’t know what to say.

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