Kneass Boat Works

Ruth drifter

You see here Ruth Kneass hard at work on the beach and then her phenomenal results—necklaces made of washed up treasures, a bit of leather, a bit of enamel, some cast driftwood here and there, and a whole lot of love. Each one of a kind piece begins with a natural form and, dare I say, improves it. They feel very right. The cast silver ones lie weighty on your necklace-place, the long driftwood ones make for excellent worry stones.cast_trio_lgwrap_around_moons_lg1

And all this reminds me of one of my all time favorite poems, Sappho’s fragment 145, which has been translated variously by Mary Barnard and Anne Carson:

if you are squeamish don’t prod the

beach rubble


do not move stones

I’ve been hearing those lines over and over these past couple days as I comb the beach myself. The only trouble is, I’ve only got eyes for Ruth’s shapes. So it’s, “Oooo, look at this little shard, this little thorn. Maybe. I. Could. Paint a little moon. And. Then….” Ah, but she’s done it so well already. It is a great pleasure to offer them to you at the shop.



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