Holiday Hours

Merry Merry all!

Try as we might to figure out an elegant solution to keep the shop open during the busiest shopping season of the year, all of us lady shopkeepers decided to dig out and spend time with our families instead. Which means, the shop will be closed from here on out to the new year. We do apologize if that means you were unable to grab that final pair of Slip ‘N Slips in time for stocking stuffing, but you see, such is often the pitfall of having super rad families.

That said, if you walk by and find the shop open, you’ll likely catch a rare sighting of the occasional lady shopkeeper Ms. Sarina Eastman taking some down time from her valiant battles with the inanimate, though very fierce, plastic dinosaur that lives on top of my closet, armed only with a rainbow throwing hippie crystal, to camp out at the shop with her puffy paints and take your money in exchange for goods. That will be a very good day.



img_2395Hooray Sarina!


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