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Bevel and Boss

ida lehtonenwork 903all seeing sweatshirtdream houseNo, I don’t understand, per say. But I got a crush on you.


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Hippies? Really?


Is what I want to know. But I’m just going to have to settle with the helpful synopsis posted by YouTube user kasiharjuna:

Hare Rama Hare Krishna – Dum Maro Dum
By: Zeenat Aman
Singer: Asha Bhosle

Dev Anand and Zeenat Aman are siblings who are parted when their parents divorce. Zeenat Aman thinks her brother is dead. Anand becomes a pilot and knows that his sister has joined drug-addicted hippies. He finds her in Nepal. She refuses to recognize him. He falls for Mumtaz, but does not tell her about his sister. He marries Mumtaz later and then tries very hard to revive his sister. When Aman realizes that he is indeed her brother, she can’t face up to him and commits suicide.

Starring: Dev Anand (Prasanth), Zeenat Aman (Jasbir/Janice) & Mumtaz (Shanti)
Writer, Producer & Director: Dev Anand
Lyrics : Anand Bakshi
Music Director : Burman R D

Beware of darkness. —George Harrison
I’m thinking we’re in need of a nice, sweet Hare Krishna palette cleanser….

Thanks for the suggestions, Wendo! OMFG to you, too.

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weinberger woman

When it comes time to select from your wardrobe which oversize James Dean belt buckle goes with which hardware store bought chain worn as jewelry goes with which set of denim on denim goes with the given hair-DO you find on your head upon rising from your pillow, recall the work of Karlheinz Weinberger and just go for it.Weinberger mustache man

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Anti-Invisibility Cape

The average size of an automobile, afternoon tea (of course), hats not for warmth, that for them “fanny pack” is really crude while “bum bag” is a reasonable term for a fanny pack, serving an honest pint when a pint is ordered, Sister Wendy, British Vogue, telephone booths, red bicycles (apparently), The Tate Modern, coordinating the tartan on your doggie turtleneck to the one on your umbrella, rhubarb yogurt from the corner market, Mimi bags, wax fabric from Petticoat Lane—each one, a dignified reason for wanting to visit England over and over. And now I find this pair, Guy Hills and Kristy McDougall:

guy and kirsty

Who for their outfits and raw spools of thread alone warrant a heady dose of jet lag. And then my travel fever troubles are infinitely compounded by their finished product, this insane Dashing Tweeds cape that is day and night whispering sweet airfare nothings into my ear from across the pond.

cape- day

You see, not only does it look amazing in the daytime when paired with crimson lips that match your tights that match your bici rims….

cape- night

This mama glows at night! That’s right—the cape is made of breathable, Teflon treated tweed that is woven with reflective thread. That is to say, “A unique weave of wool worsted and reflective yarn, LumatwillsTM appear by day only in their smart combination of colours. By night, under illumination, hidden reflective lines shine out, offering an inventive and stylish solution to attire for the pedestrian, cyclist or scooter rider.” Oh snap. Beats a sporty windbreaker any way you look at it. (As does colours! Such an improved spelling!)

the new waveAnd if they’re offering bespoke capes, which they are, don’t mind if I do. With a price tag that reads at least £485, I better get exactly what I require. I’ll go in for the cycling cape in the Bauhaus-inspired New Wave tweed, with a bit of lavender and plum running through. Yes, sir, such a wee swingy, water resistant, reflective only at night situation would suit me just fine.

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Updike at Rest

Updike with Family

John Updike was the best American writer of the second half of the 20th century. I mean, I’ve read all of his books.” —My dad, Mike McGettigan, who is generally a nonfiction, presidential biography sort of guy.


Rabbit at Rest is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. I mean you read it and you just, you laugh out loud.” —My dad, Mike McGettigan, who generally does not laugh out loud whilst reading. Personally, I really appreciate it when a book lives up to its incredible rainbow/stripey cover. These all do.

Updike hands

I also admire an author whose face and hand gesture and costume satisfies the reader’s high esteem for his work. His certainly did.

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Trees for the Tub

West Marin TreesLisa and I just got home from visiting Leila Castle at her lovely cabin up in Pt. Reyes Station, where we picked up a stash of bath salts to be made available at the shop. Leila first started working with essential oils and natural botanical perfumes over 25 years ago following a course she took on wildcrafted fragrances at the old bookshop up in Nevada City. She has been creating goddess blends, mixing personalized scents, and teaching aromatic alchemy workshops ever since. Today she works out of her kitchen at home. We selected a variety of bath salts called West Marin Trees, which includes essential oils of Bay Laurel, Eucalyptus, and Fir that when taken together, particularly in a hot bath, unlock the dazzling sensation of coming home to our beloved mesa. We hope to share the thrill far and wide.

goatie shack snuggleAnother thrill of visiting West Marin that has yet to be captured in a fragrance is visiting Leila’s goatie neighbor snuggling up to his goatie shed in the afternoon sunshine while his hen and miniature horse friends scamper about. Our attempt to bottle his deep feeling of contentment is underway….

mini horse

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Sesame Street Song

Even more stoked than the young man in the red v-neck sweater up on the top of the fire escape prop.

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