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Our Way with the Slippery Jacks

Today I was thankful for the rain and fog because it meant I got to stay home reading and because the damp in general brings these really huge, evil looking mushrooms to the piny zone in my deep backyard.

evil mushrooms

They’re actually not just evil to the eye, but also slimy sticky gross to the finger as well.

img_2591Generally up until today, I upheld my end of the bargain by maintaining a bit of honorific distance from the little low guys, and in return, very little evil has befallen my happy household. But today, our household officially took on a semi-detached new member, Ms. Meara O’Reilly, and with her came some encouraging words regarding Neal’s Grandper Morgan who was a mycologist. A mycologist, you say! And with that, they ventured out of doors to the damp piny zone where Neal thought he recognized a familiar fungus from days of yore….


Hummm, yes, slimy convex cap, minute yellow pores, glandular dots on the stalk, persistent membranous veil, with a dull cinnamon spore print….

img_2578Hold on, let me grab my Mushrooms Demystified from the powder room floor and set it down amongst my Sharon Leton earrings, a cup of black tea, and a glossy portrait of Michelle Obama….let’s see here….

img_2571Suillus luteus, aka Slippery Jacks! Just as I suspected! And they’re edible too!


I know, let’s cut them up and make mustaches!

Part lemony, part gouday, and totally delicious-seeming. I know, let’s eat!

img_2583Chop, chop, chop, bit of olive oil, bit of salt, and….wait for it….

You heard it here—Delicious! And now, several hours later and still alive, I recommend that everyone goes out to their backyards to find what they can eat—even if at first it seems like the least possibly appetizing morsel on the premises. It’s the scavengers and the foragers who enjoy the major riches of the earth. And if I manage to post another entry in the next few days, you’ll know for sure that the suspected spell of evil was broken once and for all.


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Lady’s Best Friend

If you believe that discipline is all that divides a creative person from a true artist, then Sandra Hartness, aka Sandy Paws, has got to be the undisputed drill sergeant of the sublime.


Leonardoodle. Ma’am, yes, ma’am!

Ms. Hartness has won at least seven first place awards due to the art that happens on her pet Cindy. Each design is executed on the clock in under two and a half hours, with just a bunch of Manic Panic, some scissors, and some serious vision.


This chicken can cross the road to get to me any old time.


Coordinating medieval princess costume: Check!

Definitely make a point of visiting Sandy Paws’ website pinkcoyote.net, where you can appreciate further incarnations of Cindy as a camel, a hippie, a peacock, a martian, and beyond. And let this new year’s resolution be to make the time to make your own very special art. Hooray!

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Auntie’s A’ama

Looking around the dance floor in my living room the other day, I realized that a certain extremely positive regression to middle school had occurred in the sense that all of my most beloved friends were wearing the exact same Sharon Leton earrings in different color ways at the same social event and we were all really stoked about it. Well, take a look at them! Wouldn’t you be very very pleased to see a whole herd of these beauties swaying and shimmying to the beat?


We of the shop are most honored to be able to carry the beaded work of Nile’s auntie Sharon Leton. Sharon was a leather worker in San Francisco when she vacationed to Kauai in 1976 and stayed for good. For the past thirty years, she has been combing the beaches with a pair of tweezers for the Puka, Ni’ihau, and Sunrise Shells that, when painstakingly strung with vintage Czech glass beads, pearls, leather, and treasures from around the world, transcend the art of exquisite OG auntie adornment. Each piece is one of a kind, with shells that that absorb and enhance the mana of their wearer.

Sharon Leton + Nile Nash

This past Christmastime, Nile, my mom, and I got to visit Sharon at her home/studio in Haena. Here you see Nile sporting an insane Seven Sunrise necklace that Sharon made for her tenth birthday with the matched shells her Uncle Bill found on the beach whilst she fans the flame of that special new jewelry acquisition glint in her eye. Also you see the dragon’s ransom of recent delights. And in the shop, should come visit us, you might just see a few of these pairs of earrings and beaded leather bangles that have come all this way to the mainland.

Sharon's work table

Sharon’s work table displays her genius means of keeping her array of tiny pink-to-beige Ni’ihau shells, glass seed beads, and precious stones tidy and at the ready—tea coasters! Of course!


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Happy 2009!

We had an superb bellwether feast on the 1st, and let me tell you, 2009 is looking very fine indeed. Hope everyone had a fantastic start to the new year!

dishing upThe fella served the dime in the black eyed peas gets the extra special luck! (And the Kevin who intentionally roots around the pot for it will find nothing but scrumptious legumes.)

Wendy introduces the mealAll this bounty was the good work of Wendy & Joe. Here’s Wendy explaining what’s happening In The Kitchen this morning. Thanks guys!

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