Pie: A Progression

mixed berry and pumpkin pie

To the left is a genuine Mixed Berry Leif Pie: incredible latticework crust on top, oozing berry filling with just enough sweetness, flaky bottom crust despite said ooziness, impeccable taste to match its very fine looks.

And to the right, a genuine Mixed Squash and Pumpkin Pete Pie, a first for me. Also amazing. Every bit of it baked from scratch for a crowd of eager pie eaters, none of whom had ever tasted non-canned pie filling before! Also this pie had a hint of mystery to her: She readied herself for over an hour and a half in the oven, about four times her expected bake time. We don’t ask why. We just dig in! And man, are we happy.

And beneath it all, a vintage Marimekko tablecloth from Lisa’s grandma’s house. Hooray!

LeifMr. Leif Johnson, eager pie eater and practiced pie baker extraordinaire.


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