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Dogs and Dirt Streets

Just ran across this amazing photo snapped during a family trip to Jamaica. The tropical weather here in Bolinas has made me want air on my skin and to recall that fantastic trip.

I to I

My father had made deep contact with a family friend Alfonso, a spectacular human and stellar jeweler. Papa had just scored a malachite and tortoise shell “chalice” modeled in the pic, which he still wears—a lot.

As Ian and I biked along in the hot sun this morning some connections between our lovely little hamlet and the streets of Negril suddenly became apparent—dogs all over taking their walks unaccompanied, an endless criss-crossing of unmarked dirt roads and loads of boggling views. Recently I drove into town, slowing and swerving slightly to give way to a large basset hound carrying a baguette in his mouth as he marched down the center of the road.

Seems I’m not the first to make this observation. Bridge to Bolinas, an incredible source, records the words of painter Joe Brainard, from 1971 when he was hanging about town:

Bolinas is more like I thought Jamaica would be than Jamaica was. (So lush). And fantastic flowers everywhere…Bolinas dogs are so funny. Running around all over town. In and out of stores.

Joe Brainard at the time

Another outstanding snapshot from The Bridge collection with a certain familiarity about it:


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Lesson Learned

One of my favorite chronicles of constant marketeering and fine sensibility is Ready for the House. Day by day, I am consistently impressed by the scorskies this unnamed blogger with astrological sign Scorpio and zodiac year Tiger is willing to share with all of us. For example, there’s this 1940’s US Navy Uniform that packs a delightful off-duty punch beneath the cuff:



How did I ever miss thinking to attach gorgeous embroidered mermaid with flowing blond hair patches to the undersides of my uniform cuffs before? Of course, my uniform already involves too many clashing shades of orange and a significant portion of metallic gold lycra as it is, but I suspect that any given uniform stands to benefit from such an improvement. Ah, we learn so much from vintage clothing. Thanks for sharing, Mr. proprietor of Ready for the House!

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in-gold-we-trustA MORAL CARD
Copyright ©1966 OSBORN/WOODS, Nevada City, California.

Deadstock originals available at the shop. YES!

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