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Big thanks to everyone for making last night such a warm, super fun party….With special thanks to the incomparable beauty, Lady Arwen. Nobody, and I mean zero body, could work that Raeburn Ink shirt like you, girl.

Arwen in Raeburn Ink

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Februarian Party Tonight

remember-me-elephantThis  purple elephant in the room serves as a reminder to come party with us tonight around 7:00. The cupcakes are prepared, the rainbow sprinkles are sprinkled….

The Osborn/Woods propers (since I missed last Sunday):
A Sentimental Card
Copyright ©1966 OSBORN/WOODS, Nevada City, California

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Rainy Morning Greek Music

Nana Mouskouri makes lovely sounds, singing the songs of Manos Hadjidakis.

Sweeter still on the B side.

Nana Mouskour Sings Hadjidakis 1970

Nana Mouskour Sings Hadjidakis 1970

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Sister Wendy is a Februarian Too

Happy Birthday Dear Sister Wendy, friend and Art History superstar, 79 on the 25th!

I once roamed the country by the side of this wondrous lady. The universe led me to a job on Sister Wendy’s American Collection and for six months it was my pleasure be her researcher and assistant. Much of my time was spent gathering all the information Sister Wendy required on the art pieces she was covering—no one reads faster. Also, it was essential to keep a good supply of Snapple on hand AND I sometimes had to stand behind her when we were shooting a bit too close to unimaginably important art pieces—Wendy can be wobbly. I became her Dear Child, or D.C., and she my S.W.


As it is her birthday, I shall sing her praises: The lady is immeasurably sharp, her openness astounds me still, as does her ability to dole out equal measures of the gentlest love and slyly naughtiest comments. This past summer we had a blissful reunion at the monastery where S.W. lives in solitude as a self proclaimed freelance nun. After much conversation about the current art scene and digging (yet again) into faith, I asked what I could send her from the outside—museum catalogs, as usual, and then she reminded me:

“Now dear, remember, I do love shiny things!”

So do we, S.W. So do we.

Here she is in conversation with a somewhat awestruck Bill Moyers:

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Winter to Spring

Twombly, Inverno

Fingers crossed (but keep the rain coming).

Twombly, Primavera

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Four Ways to Keep a Body Out

keep out fencesChain,
gate &
chicken wire.

But man, do I wish I could get inside there.

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Fleetwood Mac Tribute Night

This sunday SUNDAY sunday, March 1st, everyone come down to the Make-Out Room to catch the amazing Fleetwood Mac tribute show, organized by the dreamy Marc Dantona.

Walk a Thin LineMissing from the concert bill, though presumably one of the “…and many more great artists!”, is our very own Nile Nash, who will be climbing up on stage to incarnate the most perfect Stevie Nicks moment of all time.

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