Art Before Ads

The Irresistible Fleet of Bicycles, which is part of Severine’s Greenhorns film project, offers so many great resources and encouraging words to young farmers and to us all. Today I discovered a tip that is already improving my day to day in a way I never knew to expect.

Seems that if you go here, you can click on a few buttons that, free of cost, will activate tiny wheels in the ether that will talk nice stories to the artists here on earth, who will offer up their fine work, which will henceforth appear instead of ads all over the Web. That’s right. Now you can look at a rotating array of gorgeous pictures instead of advertisements, including on the New York Times website, which means no more distracting animated movie trailers to divert my eyes from the news of the day.

addart-demoAnother unknown wish has been fulfilled. Go! Do!


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