Anne Schwalbe work 2, 1

Anne Schwalbe work 3, 1

Anne Schwalbe fire

These photos are the work of Anne Schwalbe. I believe they were all taken in Germany, though it’s felt them same around here these past few days. If only we had the snow to justify our hibernation….instead I’m boning up on Wallace Stegner, who happens to tell stories a lot like these images, and declining dinner invitations outside the house.

Anne Schwalbe work 1, 5

If you live in New York, you can see Ms. Schwalbe’s work up at the Slideshow Gallery through March 1st (that is, of course, if you can manage to leave home in the evening-time despite actual inclement weather). I found out about her through 2 or 3 Things.


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  1. I feel you sister……even though I work in an actual home…..I am still staying in MY actual home today due to a self proclaimed snow day…….!

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