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Stewart Brand

Stewart Brand founded the indispensable Whole Earth Catalog back in 1968, pranked around with the Merry Pranksters, formed one of the first online communities, The WELL, and exists now aboard a houseboat as the perfect Sausalitoan. Observe his profile in this weekend’s Green Brain issue of the NYT magazine:

Steward Brand- BoxJob description: I design stuff; I start stuff; I found stuff. On the passport I put “writer.”

Exercise routine: I hike Mount Tamalpais.

Evening routine: My wife, Ryan Phelan, and I tend to go to restaurants or throw together a dinner around 9 p.m. I’ll read a novel or a comic. We’ll take a bath together and be in bed by 11:30.

Further nuggets available here: On the Waterfront

Stewart BrandAboard his tugboat, the Mirene.

The Last Whole Earth CatalogMy copy of The Last Whole Earth Catalog, June 1971. This issue contains, among other treasures, “Divine Right’s Trip” by Gurney Norman, which won the National Book Award in 1972. But in fact a few Catalogs were issued thereafter.


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Seems the incomparable Mr. Drew Christie has recently provided gorgeous illustrated liner notes for a reissue of Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson, news indeed, and then he went and made a signed and numbered limited edition poster for the project, all available at Light in the Attic, not so much in order to eclipse the lovely smuttiness of the original but to enable one to declare one’s admiration for the artist, and especially for Jane in that tiny white get-up, on one’s wall without seeming particularly smutty when mummy comes round.


Fabulous original smut:

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At the Beales’s

Beales's KitchenLittle Edie’s kitchen.

Big Edie's BedroomBig Edie’s bedroom.

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Black Has All Colors You See

my rosesRoses from the garden (wish the screen was scratch ‘n sniff).

LucretiaDriftwood Lucrezia with her mournful eye, named for Lucrezia Warren Smith.

rainbow waterfallIf only all waterfalls came with prism glasses. Sigh. Call it another  Ambitious Project Collapsing.

PoppyUnpickable poppies growing under our house.

Happy ShellAnother Found Nature Object [A Shell] That Looks Like It’s Smiling.

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Open Endless Opens Tomorrow

David Wilson

drawings by david wilson
600 guerrero st, sf
opening, April 22nd, 9pm
curated by brianna toth

open endless

open endless back

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Available!Free Box Van

Repercussions:Van Note

Unavailable.Not Free Wood

But can I make an offer on the wee woody sign?

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Our Fancy New Card

g+g card recycled

g+g card yellow

g+g card green

g+g card blue

Infinite thanks to the lovely, patient and generously talented Emily Johnson for letterpressing our new cards on her fancy new press up in Portland which we can’t wait to see with our own six eyes when she gets back from Cody. (The drawing, Cass did.)

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