Sweet Pair

pair on chair

I’m into the high-top moc these days.


On the right, the black one is from Quoddy, an incredible handmade moccasin outfit out of Maine. While not exactly custom—that is, they make them in standard sizes—each pair is made upon order. I chose the black Ring Boot with a crepe sole for urban adventuring and mine took about 6 weeks to reach my PO Box. You can check out a factory tour of their premises over at All Plaidout.

To the left, the tan one is from the Rose Bowl. It has a single bottom construction, but it’s made of stiff, hardy leather, made to last. I really love the tooling detail along the edges. I imagine choosing this pair for casual rural shuffling.




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3 responses to “Sweet Pair

  1. michael bayes

    Dear Gravel and gold, circumstantially I have phone line, so ok, but did you know your blog takes forever to download? Having trouble enjoying your treasure.

  2. can women wear these? i have always loved moccasins…but these seem pretty masculine.

  3. mcikey

    where did you get the tan moccasins?

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