Sam Maloof 1916-2009

Sam Maloof

Maloof Latch

Ronald Reagan and Sam MaloofSam Maloof has passed.

He was a rare specimen, admired by Ronald Reagan, Rene Russo & very much by me.

From the LA Times: “His business card always said ‘woodworker.’

‘I like the word,’ he once said, his eyes brightening behind large, owl-eyed glass frames. ‘It’s an honest word.’



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2 responses to “Sam Maloof 1916-2009

  1. joe

    His magical yet honest creations will endure as his new business card. Spelled out with each pass of a hand plane. “Woodwizard” And yes, there is a woodshop in the spiritual world.

  2. Janet Lee

    I got the pleasure of meeting Mr. Maloof and his wife,Beverly about 2 years ago. I got to see his wonderful house and beautiful works. He and his wife were so gracious. I have never forgot that visit and will always remember what nice people they are.

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