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I’ve been researching tile lately, which generally leads me to Heath. I took a tour of their factory over in Sausalito recently—photos and terrific anecdotes to come.

But today I was led to Jan Vormann‘s brilliant lego integration called Dispatchwork.

Jan Vormann

Would it be wrong to lay actual legos as tile? Rather like the old superglue a penny to the sidewalk, watch the greedy fellows try to pry it off gag.

Vormann legos

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Augustin Lesage

Just what I’ve been trying to explain lately: Slightly wrong Egyptian, bombastic, rainbow, mama lion, geometry, Deco/Marimekko, chalice, rudimentary however complex, eyeball, imprudent, unjustifiable enthusiasm. All accomplished already by Augustin Lesage, long long ago.

The Egyptian HarvestThe Egyptian Harvest, 1928


Lesage 1923A Symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World, 1923

Augustin Lesage

And I cannot believe their size! Why O why only the French Wikipedia? My near-constant Goog-411ing seems to be doing zilch toward improving automatic translation capabilities….

Images courtesy shawna-bo-bonna, and my tip-off came from 2 or 3 Things. For the record, I was not experienced and indeed blown away.


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