Happy Birthday to my gorgeous mama Lee. She’s top right, looking satisfied, squirrelly, and sporty-on-the-go, surrounded by her parents, sister, and brothers in what looks to be my aunt’s kitchen sometime in the mid-eighties. I hope you have just such a day today, Mama.

The “Families” logotype was designed by Herb Lubalin, via Hi + Low, and it clearly served as some sort of stylistic inspiration for this Christmas card set up.


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  1. Mary Judkins

    Cassie, your Mom mentioned your blog to me today so I went to your web site – I saw the picture first and I said, wow that looks like Lee’s mother – then I looked to the right and knew it was Mama Lee – I remember when she had that plump gorgeous face (still gorgeous but leaner) – it might have been taken even before mid-eighties – does she know? And is that Skip and Johnny with your grandfather?? I love your web site and will tell friends about it. Hope to see you on your next vist east. Mary

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