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Amutopia 8Erin Elder is a super rad friend of mine who does archivist and activist work with commune building, land use, and art practice. She also gave me the best kitchen sink haircut I’ve ever received, which I’ve since lamentably butchered. Indeed my new tiny, tiny bangs that have been kind of bringing me down these past few days. That is, until Erin shared with me her excellent new blog project called Red Legacy. What a trove of information! And it’s only beginning….I’d like to offer up the new Gravel & Gold as the site of ALLOY 2009. Maybe the conference will serve as reason enough to bring her back to us after she’s through schooling Colorado.


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Rock On, Art Carpenter!

Espenet RockerThe Perfect Rocker, crafted by Espenet aka Arthur Carpenter. Walnut, 1970. Oh Yeah.

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Happy Birthday to my gorgeous mama Lee. She’s top right, looking satisfied, squirrelly, and sporty-on-the-go, surrounded by her parents, sister, and brothers in what looks to be my aunt’s kitchen sometime in the mid-eighties. I hope you have just such a day today, Mama.

The “Families” logotype was designed by Herb Lubalin, via Hi + Low, and it clearly served as some sort of stylistic inspiration for this Christmas card set up.

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I’ve been researching tile lately, which generally leads me to Heath. I took a tour of their factory over in Sausalito recently—photos and terrific anecdotes to come.

But today I was led to Jan Vormann‘s brilliant lego integration called Dispatchwork.

Jan Vormann

Would it be wrong to lay actual legos as tile? Rather like the old superglue a penny to the sidewalk, watch the greedy fellows try to pry it off gag.

Vormann legos

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Augustin Lesage

Just what I’ve been trying to explain lately: Slightly wrong Egyptian, bombastic, rainbow, mama lion, geometry, Deco/Marimekko, chalice, rudimentary however complex, eyeball, imprudent, unjustifiable enthusiasm. All accomplished already by Augustin Lesage, long long ago.

The Egyptian HarvestThe Egyptian Harvest, 1928


Lesage 1923A Symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World, 1923

Augustin Lesage

And I cannot believe their size! Why O why only the French Wikipedia? My near-constant Goog-411ing seems to be doing zilch toward improving automatic translation capabilities….

Images courtesy shawna-bo-bonna, and my tip-off came from 2 or 3 Things. For the record, I was not experienced and indeed blown away.


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Sam Maloof 1916-2009

Sam Maloof

Maloof Latch

Ronald Reagan and Sam MaloofSam Maloof has passed.

He was a rare specimen, admired by Ronald Reagan, Rene Russo & very much by me.

From the LA Times: “His business card always said ‘woodworker.’

‘I like the word,’ he once said, his eyes brightening behind large, owl-eyed glass frames. ‘It’s an honest word.’


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Out with the Old Party

Dearest Friends and Friendly Supporters of the shop,

We are very, very pleased to let you all know that Gravel & Gold has found a new home in the Mission. At the end of this month, we will be shutting our doors on Treat Street and dismantling our teeny-tiny space so that we can start moving to our new location on 21st Street @ Lexington.

G&G Treat Street

We’ve taken over the storefront you may have visited in the guise of Minnie Wilde—it is much larger, light-filled, and just a half a block down from Valencia Street, right next door to Serrano’s Pizza (have mercy). We are so excited to have the opportunity to expand the goods in the shop, show more art, lounge more comfortably, try on vintage dresses in an actual trying on room, readily supply tea + snacks, and offer more workshops, more music, and community building exercises (aka parties), which are the best. But before we go, we’d like to wring one last, very excellent party out of the old spot. Therefore, come

Party with us.


May 28th

Seven O’clock

We will be offering lots of items at a great discount, from furniture to fixtures, though you can rest assured that many of your favorite standbys will still be available in the next location. However this may be your one chance to find discontinued stripey shirts on sale.

All hail stripes, and The Weekend Starts Here, via RECTO + VERSO.

Thank you all so much for your support of the store this past year. It has been a terrific adventure. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this Thursday and on down the line at the new spot.

Dark Store

Big Love to all,
Nile, Lisa & Cass

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