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Now that we’ve got the naming bit all sorted, Aunties are delighted to spread our abounding love for the newest baby in our midst. He is Huxley O’Reilly Griffith of Arwen + Saul, nephew of Meara, born 6 pounds 12 ounces, one month ago tomorrow. A calm-eyed, wee wood sprite, he is. And here he is giving us all the bird in a photo taken by his sweet mama.


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Big thanks to everyone for making last night such a warm, super fun party….With special thanks to the incomparable beauty, Lady Arwen. Nobody, and I mean zero body, could work that Raeburn Ink shirt like you, girl.

Arwen in Raeburn Ink

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Ed Party

Many thanks to Ed Masuga for playing last night and sounding so super good. Also, for bringing along two excellent musician friends, Pines and Little Boy Blue. We now have Ed’s two CDs and one from Little Boy Blue available at the shop. Come by any time and we’ll flip one on the stereo and remember the good old times.

Here’s Little Boy Blue braving the icy July night.
This kind of musical magic is real difficult to capture in one tiny photo.
We moved Ed’s show inside, where it was warm and friendly-like.
One panther-sleek Nile and avid vintage Marimekko collector, Arwen O’Reilly.

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