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Snock Wave


Michael Hurley is in The Bay this week!

Catch up with Elwood himself:

Thursday April 23rd at The Verdi Club, 8PM $10
With Sean Smith & Mira Cook
2424 Mariposa Street San Francisco, CA

Friday April 24th at The Pizza Place, 8PM
3901 Noriega Street San Francisco, CA

Saturday April 25th at The Mesa House
Bolinas, CA
Drop a line to dig@gravelandgold.com for details.
Thanks Alissa Anderson for the delicious photo.


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Gourdish Delight

From the backyard.


From the flea market. Signed Eddie Yanez 3.98.


From a Snock drawing? All this lovely, available at the shop (Snock drawings, too).

flower + vase

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Enjoy Drew Christie!

Lisa and her collaborator Susannah clued me in to this delightful short film, “For the Warewolf Have Sympathy,” which they recently came upon in the course of their deep diving into the depths of the life and times of Michael Hurley, seeing as how it’s set to one of his tunes and all.

The film’s creator, one Drew Christie, who despite being thus named, has managed to occupy his attention away from the Thespian pond of awesome that is his right by virtue of having been named for both lady author-heroes of the Mystery genre—Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie. Instead he has put his good talent to work producing sweetly supernatural animations and drawings for us all to enjoy.

After you’ve enjoyed “Warewolf,” many times, I suggest you enjoy “How to Bring Democracy to the Fish,” which won The Seattle Times’s 2007 Three-Minute Masterpiece Grand Prize. 

Finally, you may enjoy these drawings, as I do.

Do I whiff a waft of Kliban-ish irony in this here rendering?


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Snockumentous Basty-Bash!

Thanks so much to everyone who turned out last night for the superb Bastille Day Bash, which was recently voted our “Best Party Yet” by a familiar group of constituents in an official poll conducted by entirely partisan partial-to-shiny-things pollsters. Our semi-surprise guest of honor Michael Hurley strummed and crooned it up to an audience of politely hushed revelers as new awesome lady-friend after new awesome lady-friend ravaged our supply of vintage summer dresses “backstage” in the shop. Believe it our not, we even managed to make it all the way through the world’s single most insane patty of brie cheese, all kind of in the name of the good French.

If you didn’t make it to the party/show last night, be sure to get yourself over to Triple Base Gallery tonight, where Michael will be playing with Avocet. Triple Base is located over on 24th and Treat and is run by two more awesome ladies, Joyce and Dina. And the show starts round 8. See you there!

Pictured here, The Lovely Lisa, Snock in his choice of stripey shirt—the rare, cutting edge metallic V-neck stripey, and The Marvelous Meara.

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And a Good Day to You, Sir

So, friends, as many of you are aware, the Ladies of Gravel & Gold are each fierce multi-armed beasts. Aside from our stringent duties at the shop—manning the desk, attending flea markets, seeing to glamorous international buying sprees and chardonnay-fueled deckside planning sessions—each of us also pursue interests other than the shop. Lisa is an accomplished filmmaker, presently at work on The Snockumentary, Nile is a certified doula and is now working toward her master’s degree in nurse-midwifery at UCSF, and I have been working away on a website called Sutros.com that invites musicians to share their music with a Creative Commons license—which allows all the music on the site to be freely available for legal downloading.

We just launched the site last week and we’re beginning to get all sorts of feedback and making a ton of improvements all the time. It’s so exciting each time somebody signs up and decides to put up a few tracks. Here are a couple of my favorites so far:

The Kitchen Syncopators were recorded on the street in Santa Cruz in 2006 as part of the Streetnote project.

“Carrie Waltz” is an 1854 piece by D. E. Jannon that is now in the public domain. This track was recorded by Lucas Gonze.

And by the by, the good lookin’ fella pictured here is our site’s namesake, Mr. Adolph Heinrich Joseph Sutro. A good guy to know about in and around SF.

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