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Event: Replace the Bass Extravaganza

Joe Lewis—super talented upright bass player, friend of the shop, champion of the neighborhood and proprietor of Bluesix—sadly witnessed his beloved bass get smashed to pieces recently, and that’s just not going to stand. If ever there was a man who loved his instrument as part of his self, that man is Joe.

Tomorrow, Sunday, August 31st, help Joe replace his mamma jamma bass, while helping yourself to some serious merriment, at a fundraiser throw down at Amnesia (Valencia Street between 19th and 20th Streets). There’s a $10 donation requested at the door, though no one will be turned away for lack of a contribution.

The line-up will be as follows:
7pm: Craig Ventresco + Meredith Axelrod (old time acousti-duo)
8pm: The Potholder
8:45pm: Ed Masuga
9:30pm: The Ferocious Few
10:30pm: Os Beaches

And big dance party finale…
11:30pm: The Jelly Roll Souls

The Ladies of Gravel & Gold are gallavanting across the pond—with updates forthcoming—but we totally raise our pints to a new bass for Joe!

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Rock Make Street Festival: Sunday, August 24th

Yip-Hip-Hooray! Block party right on.

We are super dooper stoked to let you all in on the incredible Rock Make Street Festival happening in front of the shop this upcoming Sunday, beginning around noon. It’s all being organized by our incredible, indefatigable shopstress neighbor Helen of Whiz Bang Fabrics, along with Tartufi and the good people at The Bay Bridged and it’s all totally free. There’s so much to tell you! Take it away, Helen:

The countdown to the Rock Make Street Festival has begun! If the idea of a San Francisco street fair conjures up tired images of funnel cakes, hemp necklaces, and guys playing didgeridoos, prepare to be blown away by the FIFTY amazing independent local designers, artists and craftspeople and TWELVE great indie rock bands at this year’s Rock Make event. It’s a great chance to get some great bargains on high-end pieces from nationally reknowned artisans while enjoying some great music. It’s a free, all ages, totally DIY event and an excellent way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon!
Starting at noon, twelve of the Bay Area’s best indie bands will grace Rock Make’s two stages, showcasing a great mix of indie rock, folk, and experimental pop music. Set times will be posted to the festival’s MySpace page soon, but the full confirmed list of bands is: Tartufi, Trainwreck Riders, Silian Rail, Emily Jane White, Low Red Land, Maus Haus, Rademacher (Fresno), French Miami, Settler (San Jose), Man/Miracle, The Harbours, and Dame Satan.
With fifty vendors offering their wares, Rock Make will offer a cross-section of the best of the Bay Area’s cutting edge crafts scene. Participating artists include: Leah Devine/Yuka, Booty Boutique, Ida Lauren, Ezme Design, Chi Cheng, Invisible Hero Industries, Squink Industries, Paula Lopez & Brook Baird, Tedda Hughes, The Handstitchery, Tuckymama Designs, Little Marlow, Honeycomb Jewelry, Cara Lyndon, Laura Marie Walker, Shelly Brown & Charys Hayden, Chrysiliou Accessories, Amanda Archer Collection, Kaching Design, Pollyannacowgirl Designs, Nous Savons, Beyond Wonderland, Doubleparlour, Indie Industries, Honey Pie, Malkeeta, Sarah James, Squishy Sushi, Lucky Space Monkey, Tessa Kemp Jewelry, Secession Art & Design/Colleen Mauer Jewelry, Baby Leo Designs, Bdru Design, The Girl and Rhino, AC Clothing and Bags, Daria Salus Jewelry/Kelly Mann, Ofina, Hambone & Jennicakes/Angelfish & Co., Offbeat – Handmade Jewelry, B. Vann Originals, Mama’s Little Babies.

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Good Woody

This one goes out to Wendy Van Wagner, who loves a good Woody better than most.

Countdown to the new Woody Allen movie. First The New Yorker got all rhapsodic about “Vicky Christina Barcelona,” which made me very very excited—especially the bits about “natural-born lover” Javier Bardem. But then, the confusingly separate New York Magazine just offered up a swipe-slash-homage to the top Ten Woody Allen Sex Scenes Better Than the Ones in “Vicky Christina Barcelona” that seems to denegrate the new offering. Though I generally frown upon veiled Woody disses, I have committed every detail of this essential video montage to memory. Besides, how can anyone be expected to top the excellence of neurotic flight suit wearing, harmonica playing, bespectacled spermlets over 35 years after the fact? Clearly, what’s done is brill and that man’s a hero. I can’t wait to see what he’s got next.

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Road Trip Right On

I just got back home from a whirlwind road trip with my man posse—we caught friends + babies in Tuscon, a pack of bloodthirsty coyotes in New Mexico, heat lightening in the West Texas hills, Olympics on TV, maddening heat overall and family in Austin. We sadly left Leif to hook ’em horns, cowboy hats kept on for breakfast, pillow toilet seats, and word of dinosaur tracks in Boise City. Caught more friends in Denver/Boulder, torrential rainfalls, an incredible human keeping the pump alive in Echo, Utah who had to lock up early so that he could get home to wash the dishes, a shocking number of hipsters and a great vegan restaurant called Sage’s Cafe in Salt Lake, and it’s back across the Bay through the fairy fog to surprise the Ladies manning the shop this fine Saturday.

Totally Taco X-Press Totem Pole. The look of a mega pie enthusiast who has just discovered credible pie milk shakes at the most amazing roadside stop ever, Charlie Brown’s, somewhere in Arizona.

MATCHING! They lurv it.The hands-down Dark Master of Texas. Road love.

This western country is good and vast. We have road tripped many years and it suits us. The road is the same, but more spendy.

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So I’m finally jumping onto the blog scene! Here’s a nice little Gravel & Gold story for ya.

Last Thursday the lovely Jeff Bowers, here at Wholphin for the summer, stopped by the shop for a visit. We were having a bit of a brainstorm about his wonderful new project, “Somethings” a hand made magazine, full of great folks’ artwork, songs and writings.

I politely inquired if he had heard of the amazing cartoons of B. Kliban.

Jeff got excited.

There were two reasons for that:

Reason #1. B. “Hap” Kliban’s work is expertly drawn, hilarious, weird and astounding political. He took no prisoners and was ruthlessly silly about all peoples. Correctness be dammed! He was also a psychedelically mined loon, which mostly explains this drawing he did for Playboy:

More Kliban would be good for us all. The kind of crazed, leg slapping laughter it provokes always improves things.

Sadly, 18 years ago, Hap moved onto the next dimension. I, though, am lucky enough to have his right hand lady, Judy Kamman Kliban, as my most fantastic special Auntie. Judy “La Duchess DuBois” was also drawing the famous Kliban Cat, which leads me to…

Reason #2. Jeff Bowers happens to have a Kliban tattoo on his forearm. Yup. What a guy.

From Auntie Judy's drawing pad to Jeff's arm!

Through the magic of Skype we got Judois herself into the mix. Turns out she drew the so called “How They Do It” cat which now is indelibly inked into Jeff’s skin.

Tonight I’m thinking of Hap and hoping there’s a load of really brilliant coo-coos hanging out with him in the great beyond.


Klibans Cucumbers

At the moment you can get Kliban Cat shirts at Crazy Shirts, but hold your breath long enough and we’ll have our own special edition here at G & G.

Ciao for now!


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Hello Friends!

Yay!  This is Nile, with my very first blog post.  I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to some things that we Ladies of Gravel & Gold love.  

Besides stripey shirts and awesome musician friends and YouTube videos that make us laugh and perhaps feel a bit uncomfortable, I would like to include the overarching category of RAINBOWS.  

Cliché you say?!  Nonesense.

Just because we live in SF, the city whose rainbow burns brightest, do not be so foolish as to discount the awesomeness of red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple.  

Yes, the rainbow can signify the wonderful sentiment of gay pride (described here by the fine folks over at Wikipedia as “The movement [that] has three main premises: that people should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity, that diversity is a gift, and that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent and cannot be intentionally altered”), and has been associated with the University of Hawai’i’s Rainbow Warriors sports teams.  

But most importantly and most recently the rainbow has popped up in my very own neighborhood in the most fantastic way.  Some brilliant family has had the good sense and the good taste to paint the entire face of their house in a phenomenal rainbow display.

So, I say, wonderful people at Clipper and Diamond, well done!  As I can never get enough rainbow in my life, I Nile, Lady of Gravel & Gold, encourage everyone to not only paint more rainbows on their own houses but also to send along photos of rainbows that make you smile.  Maybe I’ll just have to plaster the walls of our tiny shop with shiney-happy-colorfulness.  

By the way, come by the shop to see our rainbow Mexican papel picado, or just be jealous of our fabulous auntie Betsy, who was swift enough to scoop up a magnificent handmade rainbow flag with matching painted rainbow base situation.  


nile anne mary sennett nash

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Stripey Bandit

Yikes! Nile recently received word that one of our satisfied customers is saving up to buy a new stripey shirt for her boyfriend, who tragically lost his to a rascally raccoon who ate it off their laundry line. Now, oh constipated masked bandit on the loose, I ask of you: Is this the thanks you have to offer a sweet, energy-conscious citizen of this fine city? Look, we all struggle with positive body image issues, but a life of crime never solved low self-esteem. I’m certain you were born with all the stripes you’ll ever need.    

Procyon lotor evilus

Procyon lotor evilus

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